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Two people doing acroyoga in front of mountains.

We help travelers connect with the best local yoga teachers.

Spot a Yogi was born in Tenerife, in the canary islands. This place is a paradise for yogis, because the climate allows us to do yoga outdoors all year! In fact, many yoga classes here take place at the beach, with the nice sound of the waves that rhythm your breathing. Thus, it attracts the best yoga teachers from all over the world, eager to share their knowledge with students.

Yet, we noticed that it was not easy to find a yoga class nearby, especially for newcomers, who didn’t know anyone on the island. Sure, many groups exist, and some yoga instructors have their own web page. But this makes the research way more complicated than it has to be, especially if we are looking for a specific type of yoga, in a certain city, at a certain time…

That is why we thought it would be nice to have a centralized platform to facilitate the discovery of yoga classes in Tenerife. On one hand, we wanted travelers to be able to find a yoga class nearby with ease, and on the other, we wanted to help yoga instructors to find more students, and simplify the management of their schedule.

And this is how we created Spot a Yogi, a platform that gathers yoga classes all around the island, and that people can search through, filtering classes according to their preferences. It is also a place where yoga teachers can manage their classes and bookings with a simple interface, so that they can spend more time and energy on their passion of teaching yoga.