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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find yoga classes near me?

To find yoga classes near you, you can click on the search bar and select 'Search around me'. Alternatively, you can type in an address, and we will show you all the yoga classes around this place.

How to book a yoga class?

Once you have found a class that seems to suit you among the search results, simply click on the name of the class to see its details. There, click on the 'Book now' button, a message will confirm if your reservation has been validated. Please be aware that you need an account to book a class.

How long is a yoga class?

It depends! But usually classes are around 1 hour.

What do I need to wear for a yoga class?

You need some comfortable clothes that allows you to move freely. Usually sport clothes (leggings, shorts, t-hirt) are fine. If the class is outdoors, it can be a good idea to bring a sweater.

Do I need to bring special equipment to the yoga class?

You simply need to bring a yoga mat. If the class requires other equipment, the teacher will let you know in advance.

How much does a yoga class cost?

The price for a class can vary depending on the teacher, the type of yoga, if you're doing a private or group lesson, etc... For group lessons, you can expect a price around 10€.

Can a beginner do a yoga class?

There are classes for all levels on Spot a Yogi. Usually teachers will specify the level in the description of the class. If you are unsure wether you can join or not, don't hesitate to contact the teacher directly.

How does Spot a Yogi work?

Spot a Yogi is a website that aims to help people connect with local yoga instructors. We provide teachers with a way to list their classes on the website, so that people can find them easily. Classes can be found around an address, and it's also posssible to filter through types of yoga, dates, or time, so that you can find the class that match best your schedule.