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People doing yoga on a beach.

The best yoga classes near you

Practice yoga anywhere, anytime.

Find classes around you

Whether you live in a big city or in the middle of the mountains, there is probably a yoga instructor near you.

Enjoy amazing locations

The Canary islands climate allows you to do outdoor yoga all year round. Classes often take place on the beach.

Learn from the best local yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers have years of experience and are all specialized in different yoga teaching methods.

Yoga for Everyone

All levels

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an advanced yogi, you will find a class that suits your level.

Group or Private lessons

We have many group lessons around the island. But if you prefer to take your practice to the next level, some teachers also offer private lessons.

Variety of Yoga

Our teachers offer many styles of yoga: from the more relaxed Yin Yoga to the more dynamic Power Yoga, there is a practice for everyone!

No age limit!

We have students who do yoga at any age. If some movements are too difficult, our teachers will show you an easier variation.

Two girls doing yoga
A woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

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